Is There A Custom Node That Can Track A User's Points Score Over Many Different Worlds?

Discussion in 'Buildbox General Discussion' started by Francesco Pareti, Aug 24, 2022.

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    I am looking for a custom node that I can add to my game that can track the score on all my worlds until the game over UI screen. I made an endless game, and I am adding easter eggs and revive screens that would spawn the player into different worlds, but they are still playing the same session, so the score should still be the same, and most importantly, the high score should reflect what the final score is at the end of the session when there game over screen shows and not just the best score of one world.

    This seems like such a simple thing that Buildbox could add themselves, where we could choose how the scoring is calculated. IE the option to choose that scores can stay the same on all worlds without resetting and will only end once the game overscreen shows... :/ This would help a TON for endless runner games where having other worlds spawn in a run can keep players addicted to the game...
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    That is very simple you need to keep track record for your score in Setting class.

    Then if new session loads retrieve that value from setting class and add that to your score.

    Repeart part 1.

    So on game over ui just reset the score stored in setting class to 0. So it should start from 0 if gameover.


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