Want To Get Your Game Published? Here Is A List Of Publishers That Accept Submissions.

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    Hey everybody,
    I created something that might be useful for some of the devs here.

    I know a lot of you are finishing games and are looking for publishers that will take a look at your game.

    To try and help with that, I created a list with 50+ Mobile Game Publishers that accept submissions by indie devs.


    The list contains:
    • The publisher's website
    • The contacts for you to submit your game
    • Location of the publisher (US, EU, China, Middle East)
    • Platforms the publishers accept's(Android & Ios, PC, Console)

    Hope you all find it useful and helps you find a deal for your upcoming game.

    Some feedback on the site design would also be appreciated - I'm kinda newbie when it comes to webdev/design.

    Let me know what you think.
    If you have more publishers that you think should be on the list, post them here, and I will add them in.
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