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    Switched recently to BB3.3.6. Managed to add video rewards on android. Have some issues on ios.

    1. app showing test ads but not real ads ( in test mode, app not live yet )
    2. ads are created days ago in admob app dashboard ( real app ads IDs )
    3. found out that app needs to be live in order to get real ads ( but cannot be approved since functionality in the app needs to show working ads and because is not showing ads is not being approved - vicious circle. Did not had this issue with prev app, published under bb2.3.8 though )
    4. getting this error in xcode: invalid request. cannot determine request type. is your ad unit id correct? ( ui IDs are correct. Did copy paste work )

    BB3.3.6, xcode 12.3 , macOS Big Sur 11.1 Anyone has any ideas on this?


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