Strange Problem With Fbx Model(s)

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by wmfear, Aug 18, 2021.

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    I have a pack with tons of fbx-models that for some reason look incredibly strange when importing them to BB and running the preview. I`ve even tried to run them through Blender before BB, but it still looks strange, unless I convert them to OBJ. But when doing this, I cannot set individual textures for windows etc, so it looks quite strange either way.

    It looks fine in the editor window, but in the preview, it`s all messed up. The model that looks fine in the preview window is an OBJ-file created in Blender.

    I`ve never experienced this issue before with other fbx-models, but this is from another provider I haven`t used before, perhaps it`s not "compatible" with Buildbox for some reason.

    Here`s the original fbx-file if somebody want`s to test it out:

    If anyone`s got any idea what`s happening here, please let me know :)

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    You can try to edit your fbx in cinema 4d, bake the textures then export your fbx as version 6.1

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