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    So i have a 40 inch tv hooked to my laptop. Dual screenin it up. I put PLAY test screen on laptop with BB itself on big screen. Well, i disconnected tv for a bit and now when i play test game, the screen is gone. I can see in task bar its playing but it isn't anywhere. I hook TV back up....nowhere to be found. i even right click in task bar the PLAY screen and hit MOVE, but nothing happens. The game is playing but no where to be found. This IS NOT an issue with BB for sure, but instead an issue with windows. I cannot for the life of me get the play screen to show back up. Tried switching windows to PORTRAIT mode....nothing. Uninstalled BB. nothing. Deleted BB folders etc. settings....nothing. All because it got lost somewhere lol.

    UPDATE: NM, figured it out. For anyone else who may have this issue, SHIFT right click on any window that is missing [windows 10 just right click it] and choose MOVE, but instead of moving mouse, hit the ARROW keys to move window back into view.
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