Randomly Spawn Objects

Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by FredZ_AppDeveloper, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Sep 8, 2017
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    Hey:) I'm trying to make a game like ZigZag by Ketchapp. But I have some problems:

    First problem: Is it possible to get Buildbox to spawn the blue cubes (You know, the blue "road", the ball is driving on) in random positions, or do I need to do it myself, and how do I do it.

    Second problem: I don't know if this is impossible in Buildbox, but I would like the game to be like, you tap the screen, and then the ball turns right, but only if the blue "road" turns right - and when you tap on the screen, if the blue "road" is turning left, then the ball will turn left too. So the ball will always turn the way, the blue road is turning.

    Hope you guys understand what I mean:)

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