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    I was curious about the games that Kwalee endorses or released on the Google play store. If you look at the reviews about the majority of the games, it is fairly damaging the frequency and the content of the negative reviews.

    Downloaders complain of inconsistent gameplay (speed and level errors and forced game upgrades), violation of European Union laws (data collection and adware content), and the excess number of advertisements (ads when a game start, ads when you die, ads that last longer than playing a level, ads that play even after opting NO on ads, ads that don't give bonuses even after watching ads, etc.)

    This leaves the impression that Kwalee is an advertisement only game company and that the 4 star ratings are inflated/inaccurate. That the gameplay is not as important as releasing a game and collecting revenue since there is not of evidence of product improvement.

    Are there any plans to change this perception? Are the games going to be deleted and new ones released fixing the problems? Are future games endorsed by Kwalee going have these same inherent problems?

    To me, it appears that there are a good number of downloads, but not repeat players which prevents future downloaders via word-of-mouth and social media. In essence, good entry-level into the market but not a good following and expansion into big numbers.
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    The Kwalee Team here! Hope you're having a good day? We just wanted to take the chance to respond to this and cover your questions, which we hope will help.

    At Kwalee, we are always striving to create the most enjoyable experiences for our players, and going hand in hand with that, ensure whatever we do adheres to laws and regulation.

    Being a company focused within the hypercasual and due to the nature of the genre, without showing ads we wouldn’t be able to create our games, so the use of ads is essential to us being able to continue doing so. We do however offer the option to turn all ads off on a game at a small cost, and alongside this are constantly testing ad placement and frequency to again make the playing experience as smooth as it can be, within the realm of hypercasual.

    However on the note of repeat players (and while our games are designed to be played in quick, snappy bursts), we are proud that many players do continue to play our games over a long period of time. For example, Draw It which was released over a year ago still sees hundreds of thousands of daily players, while many Jetpack Jump fans have continued playing until they have reached the ‘max level’ of their jumps! Longevity isn’t something often associated with hypercasual, but we’re happy to say that we achieve it with many of our titles.

    Over on our publishing team, we sign long-term contracts with developers to make sure that we are helping them to continue to make their games better and better, and add new features over time.

    While we are mindful that with our downloads for all games fast approaching half a billion, there are going to be some unhappy players, at Kwalee we take any negative reviews seriously, and are always trying to make things better and above all, publish games that people are going to love playing!

    Thanks for sharing your concerns with us, we highly value feedback from our players, developers and users like you.

    The Kwalee Team
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