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    Mar 10, 2019
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    Kart Racing... a one-piece Template

    Race and collect Rings. or customize it for what you wish!

    Made With Buildbox 3.
    a One-piece Template so hurry up as quick as possible

    you have full right to use this project for any publishing purpose like set your logo on it, publishing on game stores, resell it and use the Custom Systems for any other projects
    generally, this project will be yours and we will never sell it again.

    ~~ What is inside the package?
    • Kart Move System With full Control Options
    • The Advanced Shop System
    • The Exclusive Scroll Node for the UI Buttons "Worth 50$"
    • Full Track builder "obj" asset
    • 3 Different Worlds in One world UI "Shown on the video" this means the project can work with the free buildbox license
    • 5 tracks "can build more"
    • Some paid assets
    • Some free and open-source assets "Nothing from buildbox free assets"
    • All assets used on the project "Sounds, .obj, .fbx, images and more"
    • The project file "Buildbox 3.3.7"

    ~~ What you will get after purchase?

    - The full support and customization help to improve this project
    - Rebuild or change anything on the project
    - Fix any issues
    - Ask any questions or inquiries or if you want to understand how any system on the project works.

    You can get the assets from here

    if you have any question Contact me:

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    I don't want to be rude around her but man 999$ for a template is insane for the following reasons:
    1. You cannot play it in multiplayer
    2. You most probably can't create larger levels to get that Mario kart type of feeling
    3. No ai so the template is just a driving license test with a shop and some ui changes that 99.9% of the people won't know how to use
    4. No actually gameplay feel it's just a ball with a fbx applied to it that moves around

    To be honest I think this should be less than 999.9$ and you should think and replan your releases since that amount of money could be 2 or 4 months of hard work for some of us.

    That being said, may the luck be with you and may you find the best buyer even though I think its an incomplete template.

    Have fun and. Don't get mad at me, please

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  3. mohamed awad

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    Mar 10, 2019
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    it will be planned, not replan, of curse I know it's not the right price, I just want some time to check the correct price
    and because of that price I have sid a lot of promises on the post and to be honest
    these promises are equal to 999$, no, it's equal to more than that, you will have things you can resell it like the scroll node for the UI Buttons and the shop system
    the scroll node for the UI Elements worth 50$ per sale "I have already sold some" and I'm not even market it.
    the shop System = 27$ per sale
    what more ???? still more i guess!
    this offer for the publishers and node sellers will be perfect super perfect...
    but I found that it's gonna be a 'loss' if I let someone can resell these assets so now the plan is...
    remove all of these and sell it as a normal Template and not a one-piece

    if that really the price I have planned, why I'm selling 4 templates on the path creator system for 44$ and 36$ after discount,

    "just a ball with a fbx applied to it" really??????
    anyway, I'm not mad at all we are all family here, thanks for your opinion.
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