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    Hello this is Zaid Saifi
    A few months ago I found my partner in game development through Buildbox and he is a really good guy. So I thought it would be awesome if I can get a fellow artist to help in our game.

    We are a group of three and one of them already knows animation and art but he says that it will take years to complete animations if he does that alone because he got a lot of burdens already.

    We are specifically looking for a 2D Animator/Artist can do help in making 90s style looking characters and sprites.

    The only problem we are facing is "Money" unfortunately we are just passionate game makers but we don't have money for someone to pay up front. But once the game releases we will give a percentage of revenue and we assure you that because we will work with a game publisher that can help in making the game more successful in order to earn revenue.

    Please Email me at saifizaid19@gmail.com or you can talk to me on twitter @gamefreakshow

    WE hope we will work together :)

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