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    Hello boxers ! Good day , hope you are enjoying your summer :)

    its been some weeks since i finished my game and its on google play store ! so ive got some questions that i could not find online , so i though of posting here were i always get some good answers ! :)

    my game is not at the its highest but i dont mind i got like 400 downloads which is super fine by me ! im not greedy or anything. My questions for you are 2 :

    1) How does a game get to the top page of the google play store in the genres like "Top offline" or " top arcade" . Thats a great boost for a game and should really bring a good traffic to it !

    2) So my downloads so far are 400 and unistalls by users are around 150 , how much is the average unistalls a game should have ? is it okay that its not above average ? should i be worried ? any one with experience could really help me solve my questions !

    p.s : sorry for any english mistakes !

    Anything helps and thank you for your time !

    Spireta C.
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