Delete "shadow" Character/mesh

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    Apr 20, 2020
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    Steps I take:
    1. I upload FBX as Character
    2. I add brainbox for advanced Platformer
    3. I use the Character as a mesh under Scene
    4. I set all the Animations with my FBX files

    So after I do all these steps, my character is only a "single" character render, but when I move, they immediately split into one that performs all my actions correctly with proper animations, while the other one is the stiff rendering of my character that performs all actions but without the animations.

    Something to note that's not in the picture is that there is only one character. I have used several different FBX files from differing sources along with Mixamo to animate them, but every time I try to test scene, it always revert to two renderings of the same character.

    Any advice?
    Annotation 2020-04-20 091209.png

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