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    Hey guys,

    First off, sorry about the length of this post.

    So, i've been working on a game concept that revolves around having characters rotate to move and i've gotten stuck so I figured i'd post the problem to see if anyone could come up with a creative solution because this is really impeding a large aspect of my game.

    The gameplay goes as follows. The character moves by rotating, as opposed to using the move functions(move up, left, right, down) and the forced movement function. In the game, players jump, upon jumping the character rotates at x degrees, with 0 rotational drag(so they player rotates continuously at x degrees), and this makes the character move right across platforms. I have the character limited to 80 max x speed. So, the gameplay isn't the issue, the issue arises when the character comes into contact with an action.

    Basically, whenever a character picks up an action(no matter the action type, gameplay, coin, none, etc), the character stops rotating completely and remains in a fixed position throughout the duration of the action. So, if I have an action that increases the characters max speed to 100 for 6 seconds, when the character picks up the action, they stop rotating completely. I have the actions gameplay settings the exact same as my normal gameplay(same platform friction, rotation drag, etc), I've even experimented with different gameplay settings, none of which seems to solve the issue. I've contacted support on this issue, and they told me that this isn't necessarily a bug, its a matter of how they designed the engine and I should probably design around this. To sum it up, say my character has advanced components that activate when the jump button is pressed, which sets the character's rotation speed to x. Whenever an action is picked up, the advanced component is overridden and no longer works during the action. This happens for all advanced components I
    I've tried so far, hence the reason for the character's rotation stopping.

    In order to somewhat get around this, I have an action animation that is of the character rotating, and it replaces the character. This solves the problem, but it only solves it if my game has one character... which I really, really don't want to have to do. I was hoping to have over 40 characters in the game, all of which i've already designed. Say I have character x and character y. If character x is the default player, the action animations are for character x. If I then switch to character y to play with, then when character y picks up an action, character y is replaced by the character x action animation.

    So, my question to you all is how can I set it up so that whenever a different character is chosen, the action animations change to fit that character. I could have an action designed for each character, and then have worlds designed for each character. So, say I have 2 characters again, x and y, and there are 2 levels in the game. Character x would have a world with the two levels in it and the actions designed for him, and character y would have the same world with the same two levels, the only difference is the actions would be designed for character y instead of x. This is doable, but if I have more than 5 characters, with more than 20 levels/scenes across 5 worlds for example... that ends up being 25 worlds with over 100 levels between 5 characters.. Given the size I want the game to be, this isn't plausible.

    Does anyone know of any possible solutions around this? I'm open to suggestions and would really appreciate the help guys.

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