Bullet-Proof Content Marketing (Care to join with me?)

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    So long story short

    "Opened a facebook page. Put a lot of funny things inside it, trying to make it popular."
    Why facebook?

    "1 billion users bruh"

    Marketing Strategy?
    "Search fortafy and see his strategy, bullet proof"

    Why am I telling this

    "I know most of here in this group are struggler, If u see ketchapp's like they bang every games with their facebook likes and then cross promo it. Cause there's no 100 thousand people just open their mouth all the time,they pull off most users from facebook. after u get 5000 downloads first day u will get enough money to market your game for one week through fb ads"

    Why the genre?

    "Cause people like to see shit and laugh all the time, see 9gag's strategy for crying out loud"

    Why u read?

    "Cause if u join with me and work together to get likes for this facebook page we all can promote our games for free of costs also Buildbox will be our brand ambassador and trey will be our Model"

    Lengthy process?

    "May be, but didnt u spend doing nothing all day?"
    "1 person gives 2 hour each day promoting the page, creating and sharing content. 10 person gives 20 hours a day promoting,huh talk about hardwork!"

    Still think a stupid Idea?

    "Open google.com search "A BUNDLE OF STICKS STORY" come back here"

    Before u say anything more

    Check the Facebook page that I been talking and bla bla about.


    Our google plus

    "Yes we are active here, https://plus.google.com/105194116193116447571"​

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