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    Hi There Boxers! :) We've been hard at work on the new update and are ready to share the BETA with you. There's a whole lot of good for you to check out including FBX, Tabs, and more!

    What’s new in Buildbox 3.2.0

    3D Animation Support
    • FBX files containing 3D model skeletons and animations are now supported in Buildbox.
    • New Brainboxes available for 3D animated assets:
      • Animated Platformer
      • Keyboard Controls
      • Mobile Controls
      • Keyboard Camera Controls
    • New Content Nodes available for 3D animated assets:
      • Sub Scene
      • Keyframe Animation

    • 2D Worlds
      • To rotate an object 45 degrees, select the rotate tool, hold shift and drag an axis handle.
    • 3D Worlds
      • Ground object that covers an entire scene and provides a solid platform for dynamic assets.

    • Unused textures are removed when Buildbox opens a project.
    • Alpha channel support
      • Enabled transparency in textures
      • The texture area without the transparency can cast shadows onto other objects.

    UI Changes
    • Color coded axis fields
    • Tabs and home button in the Navigation bar, along with navigation control arrows.

    • Health node now contains Starting Health and Max Health attributes.
    • Script nodes now have a purple self reference output, and each input and output can now be color coded.
    • Move and Rotate nodes now contain a set of range attribute fields.
    • The following nodes are now available in the asset Node Map.
      • Sub Scene
      • Keyframe Animation
      • Rotate Towards
      • Speedometer
      • Self Attribute

    Ad Monetization
    • Facebook Analytics in the SDK tab of the Project Settings window.

    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard Shortcut Description
    cmd/ctrl + [ Move the selected object down the hierarchy in the outliner.
    cmd/ctrl + ] Move the selected object up the hierarchy in the outliner.

    Also as is with any Beta release please ensure making a backup of any important projects prior to opening and saving them in the new build.

    If you find any bugs or issues please send them into with all pertinent details ASAP so we can get them documented and corrected. Drumroll.....below are the links:




    Change Log:

    added: Node slot colors
    added: 'Self' Attribute for nodes
    added: xyz colors
    added: Ground object
    added: Sub Scene
    added: Tabs
    added: Texture optimizations
    added: FBX skeleton
    added: FBX skin
    added: FBX textures
    added: FBX animations
    added: FBX animation blending
    added: FBX models
    added: Facebook SDK
    added: Texture Alpha Test
    added: RotateTowards node
    added: Speedometer node
    added: variance for Move and Rotate nodes
    added: Heatlh node starting/max atrributes
    added: Holding Command/Control while tapping [ or ]
    added: Holding Shift while Rotating object in 2D Worlds
    added: [JSAPI] added findFirst('name') for Scene class
    added: [JSAPI] camera follow force/offset/threshold
    added: [JSAPI] Sub Scene api
    added: [JSAPI] color functions for 2d animations
    added: [JSAPI] request data functionality
    added: [JSAPI] depth function for 2d animations
    added: [JSAPI] isCharacter and entities functions
    fixed: purchase button functionality
    fixed: behavior of pop-up menu & menu button in media library.
    fixed: Entering a non-default 2d/3d world after clicking Edit Components crashes
    fixed: Made platformer brainbox force rotation factor 0
    fixed: media library look in Sprite editor, Meshes, and when doing search
    fixed: bug with disappearing "Edit Components" button in mind map
    fixed: alpha crop for regular textures is disabled now
    fixed: inconsistent issue where you are not able to click nodes
    fixed: Motor node doesn't work
    fixed: bug with splash screen overlapping OpenGL error
    fixed: Custom Button functionality
    fixed: State machine saving fix
    fixed: Control buttons fix for UI Close animations
    fixed: crash when user deletes a texture
    fixed: Platformer Brainbox
    fixed: Health node doesn't emit Damaged when Defeated
    fixed: Consent description text in mobile exports
    fixed: If Collide node crash if it is connected in a specific way
    removed: Time Step for World (adjusted automatically now)

    Pertinent Links for FBX:

    FBX Importing—

    Keyframe Animation node—

    Sub Scene node—

    Animated Platformer brainbox—

    Keyboard Controls Brainbox—

    Keyboard Camera controls Brainbox—

    Mobile Controls Brainbox—
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