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Discussion in 'Game Showcase' started by swimmingames, Aug 30, 2022.

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    Hi there,

    i've been working on my game, called Wool Throttle, on buildbox 2 (and now classic) for quite a while. It's finally coming to an end and i'm glad that i can show a trailer now. It should be out in september 2022 on iOS and Android.
    It's the story of Rufus. When his friends got abducted by a mysterious creature, he runs with no fear, across hostile lands and enemies, until he finally finds them. He is a small and weak sheep, but full of determination, so he will only move forward, never turns back. He can use some special powers if needed, but there are limited.
    Any comment on this trailer would be apreciated ;)

    It will be a paid game, without ads (because i don't like it^^)

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