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    Hello everyone,

    As you may have heard about us, we own a marketplace (sharktemplate.com) where people can buy and sell Buildbox Games & Services. New sellers are joining us everyday and we are extremely happy to see that the overall sales have been consistent since the beginning! However, we felt like something was missing with the developers community. We know that the Buildbox community is pretty active but we feel like the people that are extremely helpful and active around here are not necessarily getting the "reward" that they deserve for all the time that they've spent writing and helping each one of you.

    So we decided to create a new community website (sharkdev.co) where you can join for free and participate daily by sharing new game ideas, helping each others, providing feedbacks etc. Now here is the fun part. When you post a new comment, when you reply to someone, when you accept a new friend request, and etc, you get a specific number of coins. Now you guessed it, when you reach 10,000 coins, you'll get $5 in your pocket. Here is the link for more details: https://sharkdev.co/credits/
    That's not much, but this is a great way to encourage you by contributing to the community. And of course, you will ask yourself how do we get to pay each one of you when we don't receive anything in return. Well, actually we do. Small ads will be showing through the website and there will be promotional events related to sharktemplate.

    Without forgetting that you get to unlock a lot of cool badges where they can appear under your profile & many other awesome features that we offer! Here is also the link: https://sharkdev.co/badges/

    P.S: If you like the general idea and would like to suggest us something in specific, we would like to hear back from you at: support@sharkdev.co

    What are you waiting for? Join us, it's FREE :)

    The GoldenBoy

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