We Need Gameplay Ideas And 'fun' Mechanics For Our Upcoming 2d Run-and-gun Game.

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    Hey all.

    We are developing a game for PC titled Global Steel. This is a run-and-gun game inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons from the 80s (like M.A.SK., Centurions, etc.).

    Our game has the artwork done right (we believe), and we are working on the core mechanics at the moment. There are various types of guns and perks. Armors (mech suits) can be upgraded as you progress through the game and you can switch up your gameplay style by changing those elements. Missions can be replayed and killing the final boss awards you with a trophy.

    However, we are still working hard on the mechanics and what engages the player in the gameplay loop. Namely; what makes you come back. You can check out much of the art/screenshots here - www.macondogames.com

    We would appreciate all the feedback we can receive regarding what you (as the player) would like to see, would enjoy, and expect out of a game like this.

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