Text Box Node Now Available! Hassle Free Textbox Creation For Buildbox.

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    What if you could just create text boxes in Buildbox
    instead of having to create tons of lines one by one?
    Now you can with Text Box for Buildbox!

    Click here to download it from itch.io!


    Text Box is fully customizable, here's a quick description of its attributes:
    • Text: put your text here, it supports very long texts, it's been tested with whole chapters made up by thousands of words!
    • Font Asset: this is a container for a font; there's a sample one included with this package and you can easily create your own by duplicating it and changing the font or settings of its Label.
    • Max chars per line: maximum characters per line, text will wrap automatically once a line reaches this length.
    • Line spacing: space between lines of text.
    • Paragraph Spacing: space between paragraphs.
    • Paragraph Indentation: first line of a paragraph will be indented by this value.
    • New paragraph after period & blank space: if enabled will create a new paragraph when a period followed by spaces is encountered.
    • Full justification (experimental): adds spaces between words to fully justify text.
    • Position, Rotation and Scale of the textbox will be applied to its content as well.


    • A ready to use Buildbox Asset file (.BBASSET) you can drag & drop in your game for immediate use; the asset includes the Text Box node and a sample Font Asset.
    • The Text Box node file (.BBNODE) if you prefer to add it to your own nodes.
    • A sample Font Asset to be used with the Text Box, you can easily create your own by duplicating it and changing the font or settings of its Label.
    • A demo BBDOC that demonstrates how the Text Box for Buildbox works.

    1.0.0 (September 7, 2021):
    First public release.

    • Buildbox 3.4.2 or higher is required to use assets and nodes in this package.
    • Any plan: these assets will work no matter the plan you are in (Free, Plus, Pro, etc.).

    Please note that this asset package and all of its content, including source code, is protected by copyright, it is not open source.
    In short you can use it in any of your Buildbox projects but please don't share it, it took a lot of effort to design, create and optimize it.
    In detail here's a more exhaustive copyright notice for this asset package, please read it carefully, thank you!
    Once purchased you are free to use the asset package within your personal and commercial Buildbox projects.
    And of course you are free to publish, sell or otherwise distribute any app or software you export from Buildbox that makes use of any of the assets in this asset package.
    You are not allowed to allow users of such apps or software you created to access, extract and/or use any of the assets included in this package outside of the software, for example you are not allowed to distribute a Buildbox template or asset which includes any content coming from this asset package.
    For sublicensing, volume licensing or any other request please contact me!
    You are not allowed to copy, sell, give away or otherwise distribute any of the assets contained in this asset package, either in their original form or in any modified form. You are not allowed to remove this copyright notice.

    Looking for a developer to help you with your Buildbox project? Hire me!
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    I`m sure this will come in very handy for some of my future projects, so I just purchased it:)
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