Special Discount Play Store Optimization Course For Buildbox Forum Members

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    Caution: This is not a Sale page, or selling anything
    Hello Guys!

    A special thanks to @TreySmith and @nik for creating awesome software with huge responsive community

    Over the times we have seen many developers, marketeers are having trouble acquiring downloads/users for their apps and games. In apple store your two options are getting featured or getting in New game section. But in playstore there is none, unless you know someone from Google.

    In playstore you have to analyze the market. In play store you it's not like "If you build it they will come". If you optimize your app's page you will get "HUGE" downloads constantly. But they will not come overtime, you will grow which is a big thing for your business and branding.

    In this course I will help you personally. I want to see some positive energy from you. The course is still in motion of development. Those who are interested please send you mail address in my message. I will send notification when the course is available in the internet and it's sure you will get "HUGE DISCOUNT"


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