[mopub, Xcode And Bb3] Interstitial Is Not Ready

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    Hi everybody,
    I have an issue in configuring Mopub with BB3, and I may use some of your help.
    I have done some researches online but without any luck.

    I have followed the Mopub integration tutorial, the build succeeded and the app runs on my iPhone. But no ad shows when expected.
    Looking on the log screen on XCode I have found this

    019-10-26 15:42:23.374433+0200 BBPlayer[8240:2130341] [MoPub] show interstitial

    2019-10-26 15:42:23.374494+0200 BBPlayer[8240:2130341] [MoPub] Interstitial is not ready

    and here is where I get lost, probably because I'm no dev (I was learning BB because of it).
    Looking on Mopub documentation I have found this https://developers.mopub.com/publishers/ios/interstitial/
    so it seems that I have to do some coding in order to have the interstitial ad working. Is it correct?

    I have also tried with banners, and what I discovered is that for the first 3-4 minutes nothing shows up, but leaving the game open on the game over screen UI finally the test banner unit shows up.

    Is it normal? If I am right the Mopub guide make the game pre-load the ad to be ready to show it when is needed. So should I follow the Mopub guide and do the coding or there is an easier way? Since the guide is not very clear for people without developing skills do you know any step-by-step-idiot-proof tutorial for Mopub integration?

    I'm torn between going back and learn BB2 to use easyads (I am a newbie, just getting started with BB3) or keep looking to find an easy way to integrate ads with BB3.

    Thank you in advance for your support!

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