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    I have been uploading to iTunes for years now, this week I did an update just to add haptic feedback to my bb2 game. first it got rejected because "supposedly" the share button was unresponsive.
    I checked it on Xcode iPad sim and it was fine, ran it to my device and it was fine, so I tried again to send the update. once again it got rejected for the same reason that the share button was unresponsive.
    tired of it I decided to remove the share button all together and created the update without the share button and under comments I said the i removed the button all together.
    my update got rejected a 3rd time now saying spam, that my app looks to0 much like other apps.
    I re-sent it and said this is just an update with the only thing added being haptic feedback...
    and today I get the email saying rejected for spam.
    With that said, BB when will we be able to make multiplayer games? because that's the only thing that we keep me here at this point smh @ iTunes

    hope u all are doing good.

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