Invalid Apk Data When I Try To Publish Game On Aptoide

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by artenialexa, Mar 2, 2018.

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    when i updated my android studio to newest version i exported my apk and everything works fine but when i tryed to publish it to aptoide it says the apk data is invalid, i tested the apk on my phone and it works, i use buildbox 2.2.8 and i don't want to update it beacuse i like that version, what i can do?
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    For BB 2.2.x you have to use Eclipse and Java JDK 1.7
    For BB 2.3.x, you have to use Android Studio and JDK 1.8

    I recommend these configurations, because they are recommended by the Buildbox team, if you try to compile the game created with BB 2.2.8 in Android Studio, you will have many errors.

    If you want to create an APK file, the only solution is to install Eclipse and Java JDK 1.7, you can NOT have another Java installed in the system, Eclipse looks for the Java path of the System.

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