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Discussion in 'Buildbox General Discussion' started by WolfmanGames, Aug 10, 2022.

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    Aug 5, 2022
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    I started using buildbox more of a hobby than a career but hopefully in the future that can change.

    I am very new to buildbox. I have several ideas for several games, but its a case of putting them all in place.

    Can anyone give me any hints and tips regarding the software? What can and cant be done?

    Any help would be gladly accepted

  2. Ivan Perfetti

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    Sep 9, 2018
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    You can create almost any type of 2D and 3D game with it but you have to stay on the light/simple side, you can't have too many complex models or too many particles on screen as the engine is unable to manage that and you'd get low performance in such a case.
    I've seen games of any type built with Buildbox, many casual games but also platforms, racing games, shooters and action games of any kind, puzzle games, educational games, etc.
    There are many built-in nodes that enable you to create a very wide array of game mechanics and you have the option of adding custom nodes (written in Javascript) to add features, here's a link to the API reference in case you're interested:
    One of the biggest limitations (IMHO) is that you can't create multiplayer games as those are not supported at all, at least not yet.

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