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Discussion in 'Game Marketing' started by Aaronkb7, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Aaron Burton and i'm a paid marketing specialist. I mainly focus on promoting e-commerce products and services on facebook. Have done 6 figures in that space. I'm wondering how viable is it to run paid traffic to an app. Considering you only get about $0.43 cents for people who download your app and lets say view a few ads. Based on this article http://www.bluecloudsolutions.com/blog/how-many-downloads-should-my-app-get/

    Right now I run traffic to products that convert for $25-$45 and my CPC is usually $0.50-$1.00. 3-5% of users purchase these products on my store. I guess the real value of developing an app is being picked up by a developer? Can you force your way up the charts through paid marketing?

    I'm thinking if I run traffic to an app and get $1 per click and only 10% download it would be very expensive. But i'm thinking video ads might be a good idea. As I can get a crazy amount of viral traffic. If the app is good of course.

    Just wondering if there are others out there like me in the paid marketing space who are wanting to get in the app world. I usually don't like doing something unless I can see it paying off in the future.

    With ecommerce I can be certain I will make a sale eventually. But with apps its pretty subjective. UNLESS you have a solid plan.

    What are your thoughts?

    I want to do a case study for someone. If you already have an app, i'm willing to run paid ads for it. Before I develop my own lol.
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