Character In App Purchases, How To?

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    Hi guys,
    I am working in a new project using 2 characters in Buildbox 3

    1. A Character default
    2. A second character in-app purchases.
    I need to lock the second Character and unlock it using only In app-purchases.

    I neeed a good tutorial about using locked/unlocked character in App-purchases in Buildbox 3 to select the characters you want if you buy a character.
    Please could you send me a link or tutorial to do this? or
    Could you send me a littel testing project using 2 characters (second character in app-purchases)?

    In Buildbox 2 it is very easy... but in BB 3 no tutorial found it! I need a similar solution! ;)
    Main UI:
    Show First character (by default)
    Show a Second character locked.
    if (you buy the second character it is unlocked and you can select any to play!)

    Waiting for an answer!
    All the best!

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