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    I have created a test single word game using buildbox but facing a problem when put the music in the game. What actually I want, that is "Main Menu" screen will be play a background music but when the game start music will be auto off. After that when "Game Over" screen menu come a new another music will play auto.

    I have added two different music, one in "Main Menu UI" & another one in "Game Over UI", After put the music it's playing fine but the problem is "Main Menu UI" music continuously playing when i start play the game. Music not stopping after click "Start Game"

    I have found another issue is there, If i have remove music from "Main Menu UI" but keep the music in "Game Over UI" then this "Game Over UI" music playing continuously when i start play the game.

    I have attached a screen shoot of my test game UI, check it for understanding

    Please help me to solve this problem


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