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    g'day all
    i am trying to achieve an aeroplane roll in a 2d plane character. I have so far managed to achieve this except for one point that driving me nuts. When the plane goes left it rolls toward the left and then when button is released it rolls back to its idle image, the same happens when i turn right, so far so good. Problem is that the idle image is constantly showing, can somebody please help on how to make the idle image dissapear when the plane is turning left and right?
    BB 3.2.3 2D World, image of nodes for character attached.

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    I'm experiencing an issue with XP11 (v11.26): the aircraft has the tendency to roll to the right even if the joystick is centered and correctly calibrated. This happens with almost every single engine GA aircraft (defaul C172 and Stinson and a brand new ASDG Super Cub snaptube vidmate with REP).
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